Discworld Series Reviews

Equal Rites – A Dungeon Dimension of One’s Own

Rose and Colm tackle Equal Rites, the book that takes a big step towards a Discworld that would be more familiar to most readers than the madcap fantasy theme park of the first two novels. They also explore the parts of the book that seem might incongruous in retrospect: a Nanny Ogg-esque Granny Weatherwax and a proto-Ridcully era Unseen University. Also, there’s the top 10 One Book Wonder Characters!

Click here to hear Colm & Rose stake their claim to be Pratchett Consultants

‘Why Gandalf Never Married’ – A 1985 Talk by Pterry on Magic and Gender



One thought on “Equal Rites – A Dungeon Dimension of One’s Own

  1. Peterfromderry says:

    Yous are bad….well maybe good people…..started from the beginning again!
    great reading….you doing brilliant with the podcast…cant wait to hear more


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