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Feet of Clay – Go Ahead, Bake My Clay, Punk

Steve and Colm join the City Watch for their third outing, wherein there’s a conspiracy to oust the Patrician in favour of a puppet king… again. Is Pratchett re-visiting this plot a good thing? Listen and find out! You’ll also get a rambling discussion on trans-gender, trans-humanism and trans-legal justice (and Colm ranting about Oliver Cromwell a bit).

Click here or be subjected to a barrage of terrible heraldry puns!


One thought on “Feet of Clay – Go Ahead, Bake My Clay, Punk

  1. Glod Glodson says:

    Hi Guys, Really enjoy this pod, only discovered it last year and slowly working my way through it. Was really interested to here the comments on Cromwell, As a brit and fellow celt. It is true that Cromwell doesn’t get the heat he should for how awful he was, part of this is because the Tudors and Stewarts are covered (or were when I was young) very early in the curriculum (primary school) where Cromwell is introduced at the end as part of the English civil war, you’re told he was a puritan and cancelled Christmas and then you move on(as near as I can remember). Then unless you take A-level history and have a teacher who selects it, Irish History and Cromwell isn’t really covered again. Even if you do an Irish history module its euphemistically referenced along with James the second and William of Orange and then swiftly moved on from to talk about Wolfe Tone and then on to more modern Irish History. Honestly unless you go looking for it Cromwell really isn’t covered in great detail, I would assume this would be the same for STPs education albeit he left School at 16 to work as an apprentice journalist. That being said he was a man of solid research so I couldn’t speak to how much he knew of Cromwell. But the Discworld is parody so Suffer Not Injustice Vimes may well parody some aspects of Cromwell without reflecting the true horrors that Cromwell brought. Though I completely understand why this could seem a clumsy person to parody to an Irish audience. Anyway this is a long winded way of saying I really enjoy the podcast, retrospectively anyway and thanks for doing it, its a great listen to hear other peoples thoughts on these books.


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