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Unseen Academicals – Balon D’Orc

Colm and Steve take a look at Pratchett taking a look at the beautiful game. Colm pedantically grumbles about some of the football stuff Terry got wrong (a forward wearing the number 4 is a crime against nature) but there’s some actual critical analysis as well! Fashion, class and dramatic stakes (or lack thereof) are all discussed herein.

Click here or get a two (hundred) footed tackle from the Luggage!


2 thoughts on “Unseen Academicals – Balon D’Orc

  1. I started listening to your podcast only recently and I’m only listening to the episodes on the books for which I have my reviews ready already but I must tell you that you’re doing a great job! Your discussions are very interesting and you’re making me think about Terry’s books from a different point of view.

    I understand your lack of enthusiasm for this one, even though it’s one of the first ones I’ve read and I’ve actually read it twice, so I guess my opinion is much more positive!


  2. Thanks Sam! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. While this one wasn’t one of our favourites, I certainly enjoyed it more than I had on first reading it. I think it’s that quintessential late-Pratchett mixed bag of amazing ideas and interesting characters, alongside a narrative indiscipline and subsequent lack of tension. I still think there’s a lot to recommend it though (and more spec-fic authors should follow its lead in looking at football!)


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