Discworld Series Reviews

The Shepherd’s Crown – Counting Sheep

Colm & Steve are joined by their old friend & Radio Morpork alum, Rose, to discuss the final chapter in the long rambling trek through the Discworld. They talk about the unfinished nature of this book, how it deals with tradition and modernity, and voice their final thoughts on Discworld with 41 books behind them.

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2 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Crown – Counting Sheep

  1. Vlad says:

    Cheers for this, I only just discovered your podcast but will be going through it one by one.
    On your comments about vetinari noticing granny’s death, that actually makes perfect sense. I would have felt let down if he hadn’t. Vetinari has fingers everywhere in the discworld, and though he may not get directly involved in the supernatural, he is always aware of it and its dangers. So it makes sense that he would know and keep tabs on the witches that guard the realm of discoworld from threaths from without, which could always become threaths to Ank Morkpork itself. He can hardly count on the Wizards for it (which, in more than one occasion, he has blamed as being the cause of such dangers, rather than solutions for it). It would have been strange if a such a capable politician wouldn’t have taken a close interest in those elements that offer protection from evil magic, such as the witches.


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