…and the Other Lists

Top Ten Discworld Tourist Destinations

  1. Ankh-Morpork
  2. Genua
  3. Al-Khali
  4. Wyrmberg
  5. Ephebe
  6. Agaetean Empire
  7. Koom Valley
  8. Krull
  9. Lancre
  10. Quirm

Top Ten One Book Wonder Characters

  1. Brutha (Small Gods)
  2. Mr Teatime (Hogfather)
  3. Jeremy Clockson/Lobsang Ludd (Thief of Time)
  4. Lily Weatherwax (Witches Abroad)
  5. Vorbis (Small Gods)
  6. Ronald ‘Teach’ Saveloy (Interesting Times)
  7. Mrs Gogol (Witches Abroad)
  8. Carcer Dun (Night Watch)
  9. A.E. Pessimal (Thud!)
  10. Bilious, The Oh-God of Hangovers (Hogfather)

Top Ten Anthropomorphic Personifications

  1. Death
  2. Kaos/Ronnie Soak
  3. the Tooth Fairy/The Original Bogeyman
  4. The Hogfather
  5. The Scissors Man
  6. Pestilence, Famine & War
  7. The Death of Rats
  8. New Death
  9. Time
  10. Verruca Gnome

Top 5 Discworld Apocalypse Scenarios

  1. Thief of Time
  2. Hogfather
  3. Moving Pictures
  4. Sourcery
  5. The Light Fantastic

Top 5 Discworld Computer Games We Want to See

  1. Super Smash Bros style game featuring Discworld characters
  2. Soul Music Rock Band
  3. Ankh-Morpork Sim City
  4. Doom style parody of Rincewind in the Dungeon Dimensions
  5. First person shooter set around the wizards in the shopping centre in Reaper Man

Top 5 Discworld Potential Prequels

  1. The Rise of Lord Vetinari (all the time in between NW and GG with the jellyfish eating patrician of tCoM mystery resolved!)
  2. The Adventurous Girlhood of Nanny Ogg
  3. The Pre-Going Postal Life of Moist Von Lipwig
  4. How Dios Built Djelibeybi
  5. The Early Days of Great A’Tuin and the World Elephants (or ‘Why Does T’Phon Think He’s So Great?)

Top 7 Discworld Jobs/Organisations That Would Make for Good Settings/Plots

1. The Assassin’s Guild

2. The Igor Academy

3. B.S. Johnson’s Architectural Firm

4. The much-hypothesised School for Evil Grand Viziers

5. Moist Von Lipwig setting up an Ankh-Morpork public education system

6. The Guild of Seamstresses

7. The Guild of Lawyers

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