The List

As we progress along in our journey through the Discworld, we’ll be indulging in the wholly frivolous – but nonetheless obsessively detailed and perhaps passionately argued – process of ranking every book in the series. Our list is an amorphous, ever-changing beast, not unlike the Discworld itself. At the end of each episode, we’ll decide where the book we’re focusing on fits in. Here’s the list as it stands:

  1. Night Watch
  2. Lords and Ladies
  3. The Fifth Elephant
  4. Feet of Clay
  5. Hogfather
  6. Pyramids
  7. Guards! Guards!
  8. Small Gods
  9. Maskerade
  10. Going Postal
  11. The Truth
  12. Wintersmith
  13. Mort
  14. Men At Arms
  15. Reaper Man
  16. I Shall Wear Midnight
  17. A Hat Full of Sky
  18. Witches Abroad
  19. The Last Hero
  20. Monstrous Regiment
  21. Carpe Jugulum
  22. Moving Pictures
  23. Wyrd Sisters
  24. The Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents
  25. Thief of Time
  26. The Shepherd’s Crown
  27. The Wee Free Men
  28. Jingo
  29. Interesting Times
  30. Thud!
  31. The Light Fantastic
  32. Making Money
  33. Soul Music
  34. The Last Continent
  35. Equal Rites
  36. Snuff
  37. Unseen Academicals
  38. Sourcery
  39. The Colour of Magic
  40. Raising Steam
  41. Eric

2 thoughts on “The List

    • If you listen to our episode on it, its position on the list is very much an uneasy compromise. I (Colm) loved it, but Steve was less enamoured, so we had to settle on a position that didn’t really reflect either of our individual opinions.


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